Walk-in Tubs

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Security Bath was founded in an effort to provide the best bathroom safety equipment on the market today at the best value possible.  As a direct distributor of walk-in bathtubs, showers and other specialty equipment, we can make your life safer and healthier by providing top quality advice and the best products available to you.
All our tubs come with several safety features and a lifetime warranty. We provide the lowest threshold in the industry and models from the smallest to the largest in the industry.  Every tub has a large molded seat, built in grab bar, full faucet and shower fixtures, drain sets and much more.
Optional features such as hydrotherapy are available to make your bath a truly healthy as well as a safe and comfortable experience. Let us show you all the models available today and how we can custom build one for your specific needs, space and budget. 

Gallery: Walk-In Tubs
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Walkin-Tub-09 Walkin-Tub-10 Walkin-Tub-11 Walkin-Tub-12
Walkin-Tub-13 Walkin-Tub-14 Walkin-Tub-15 Walkin-Tub-16
Walkin-Tub-17 Walkin-Tub-18 Walkin-Tub-19 Walkin-Tub-20