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Specialty Tubs
Wheelchair Accessible - Two Person Tubs - Free Standing Tubs

We at Security Bath do our very best to help everyone with every kind of condition. We have expanded our access to many specialty tubs, showers and other unique products that make life easier and safer for people with extra challenges. As this industry grows, there are many new designs that are targeted at people with unique décors or special physical requirements.

For several years, Security Bath has been involved with organizations that focus on more handicapped individuals. This has led us to understand the need for some clients to have the best available showers instead of a bathtub. Consequently, we have made available a wide range of shower units that have fold down seats, grab bars, roll over floor lips, and many other features that cater to every situation. These new shower units come in many colors and textures as well as sizes.  We also provide custom built showers when needed.

Free Standing Tubs

These tubs have been designed to fit into limited space or just for styling.
They have all the benefits, but in a compact environment.

Two Person Tubs

For those with a little extra space, there is now a tub that comfortably fits two people.

Two Person
Two Person Tub

Freestanding Tub
Pet tub
Pet Washing Tub
custom tub
Custom Designed Tub