What's Special About Security Bath Walk in Bathtubs?
While many walk-in tubs look very similar, there are significant structural and mechanical differences. We at Security Bath, specialize in customer service. You will be given a contact person at Security Bath who will guide you through the entire process of selecting the tub that is right for you, purchasing it for the best price available, completing your installation and then available for any future questions.. 


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About Installations:

Security Bath strives to get your new tub installed as soon as possible. We have expert installation technicians in your area who will install your tub as soon as it arrives direct from the factory.
These pros provide the carpentry, plumbing, electrical and tile skills, necessary for your bath transformation. Usually completed in one day, you will be amazed how neat they work and you are guaranteed to be perfectly happy with the results.

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How Does The Bath Tub Door Work?
Security Bath provides walk-in bathtubs with a door that is lined with a special material that forms a hydro seal when shut and a locking handle to secure it. The weight of water further compresses the door seal to form a water and airtight vacuum that ensures leak-free bathing. The door seal is guaranteed for life.


What Is the Warranty?
Security Bath offers many different walk in tubs from several manufacturers.  All of the models we provide come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warrantee on the door seal and tub structure.  They all have at least a ten-year warrantee on all moving parts, such as the faucets and motors.


How Do I Install A Security Bath?
Security Bath can provide full installation throughout the Northeast States and further as we grow. In all other  States we can refer you to a licensed and experienced contractor, that specializes in walk-in baths so that you don’t have an amateur providing the installation service.


Can I Shower Using A Security Bath?
Every tub from Security Bath has a hand held shower unit.  Just sit and take a hand shower or use the handheld shower head in a wall mounted bracket that is available for a stationary standing shower mode.


What are the prices of the tubs?
The pricing of our tubs vary by the model and the optional features chosen. The installation is also dependent on the specific work that needs to be done at your home.  A free, no-obligation assessment is always available during which we can recommend the right model for your specific needs, space and budget.  This also give us a chance to explain any insurance and tax benefits you may be eligible for with your new tub. Contact us for an appointment.


What are the dimensions of the tubs?
The tubs come in a variety of different sizes in order to meet the physical needs of the person using it as well as the location to position it. By being a direct distributor with many companies, we can provide virtually every design on the market today at wholesale prices. Small to large, handicapped accessible and much more are displayed on our ‘Products’ page.


What colors are available?
We offer the tubs in both white and cream color standards. Custom colors are available upon request.


Where can the tub be installed?
Most of our installations are in the bathroom, replacing your existing shower or tub. It can also be installed in a bedroom, spare room, laundry room, etc.


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